Boston Public Schools just canceled advanced classes for high-performing students because too many of the kids who qualified were white!

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    You can’t make this up.The advanced classes were for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders who were high achievers.The classes offered more difficult work and more plentiful work.The classes were offered to ALL students who got a high score on a placement test taken in the 3rd grade.From the story:A district analysis of the program found that more than 70 percent of students enrolled in the program were white and Asian, even though nearly 80 percent of all Boston public school students are Hispanic and Black.

    School Committee member Lorna Rivera said at a January meeting that she was disturbed by the findings, noting that nearly 60 percent of fourth graders in the program at the Ohrenberger school in West Roxbury are white even though most third graders enrolled at the school are Black and Hispanic.”This is just not acceptable,” Rivera said at a recent school committee meeting.

    He Will Be Back!!!

    “I’ve never heard these statistics before, and I’m very very disturbed by them.”Brenda Cassellius, the blinkin superintendent of Boston Public Schools, really said this:”There’s been a lot of inequities that have been brought to the light in the pandemic that we have to address. There’s a lot of work we have to do in the district to be antiracist and have policies where all of our students have a fair shot at an equitable and excellent education.”Advanced classes were offered to everyone.Too many white kids qualified.So they canceled the classes.Somehow this is not only NOT considered RACIST, it’s considered ANTI-RACIST.What in the actual heck is going on in this clown world??????

    We are all standing with Donald Trump!!!


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