James Comey Compares Trump Supporters To Al-Qaeda Terrorists During Interview With The View


On Friday, past FBI Director James Comey compared head Donald Trump and his supporters to Al-Qaeda radicalized terrorists during an interview with The View.Co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “Director Comey, pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol to strike Trump down the election.

He Will Be Back!!!

How a large amount of pardon? we maxim be supposed to be blamed on Trump’s radicalization implication of a rigged and stolen election, and I beg your pardon? about the rioters who stormed the Capitol? solve you bear in mind them to be domestic terrorists?”

Comey replied, “First, they are terrorists. They are family bent on coercing a civilian government, attacking our democracy for the reason that of their warped view of reality. The argue their view is warped is as of the president’s lies, and it’s not a short time ago the remain about the election, which is the groom delivery service for this hit on Capitol Hill. It’s four existence of faithful deceitful about the virus, about our institutions, about our courts, about our democracy. The demagogue’s deception say eminent power, outstandingly once they’re echoed by his enablers in the legislature and the home and the media. This is how Al-Qaeda radicalized, a endless torrent of deceit at vulnerable people.

”He added, “We suffer millions of vulnerable fill with in this country who own consumed these lies, and a quantity of portion of them be inflicted with been radicalized to the aspect someplace they suppose they’re on the fringe of the angels who arrange to engage in violence directed against us. hence it’s a critical threat. It’s a terrorism threat. Donald Trump and his enablers —we be after to knock together really we shield the revenue as a grouping of inhabit are departing to deny they had any relationship to it approach a hardly any months from now, but that band together of persons is a radicalized band together of terrorists.”

Democrats allow been ramping up their style against head Trump and his supporters in modern days.During the board charge contest on Wednesday, compound Democrats called head Donald Trump a racist which was confident by a short-lived lead conversion that was ended ahead in the week.Recently-sworn-in Rep.

Cori hedge plant called head Trump the “white supremacist-in-chief”Rep. Rashida Tlaib attached in, occupation him the “racist-in-chief.”This soul of language was expected to a momentary leadership difference conceded by residence Democrats

We are all standing with Donald Trump!!!


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