Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Americans Attending ‘The Million Moron March’: ‘The Stupidity Is Breathtaking’

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ABC’s left-wing late-night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked Trump supporters flocking to Washington, DC, to show their support for the president as Congress gathers to count the Electoral College votes, labeling the event — dubbed the “Million MAGA March” — the “Million Moron March.”

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host mocked the supporters’ pre-events, which included a speaker who spoke to a group at Freedom Plaza this week, encouraging them to hug each other, calling it a “mass spreader event.”

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“The gloves were off, and so were the masks at this rally,” Kimmel said. “A real dipwit named Clay Clark took the stage today to convince the hardcore members of Trump’s cult to kill themselves once and for all.”

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