Obama Official Admits The GOP Is Strong & The Dems Are Toast In 2022 Unless They ‘Create States’


    A former Obama strategist gave a very detailed interview with New York Magazine warning Democrats that if they don’t create states and gerrymander they are toast in 2022.

    David Shor has worked for Obama and Biden, he warned that the GOP is strong under Trump’s leadership and minorities are migrating in droves to the Republican party.

    He Will Be Back!!!

    Shor reported that the Democrat Party is becoming more white and the Republican Party is becoming much more diverse.

    Over the last four years, white liberals have become a larger and larger share of the Democratic Party. There’s a narrative on the left that the Democrats’ growing reliance on college-educated whites is pulling the party to the right (Matt Karp had an essay on this recently). But I think that’s wrong. Highly educated people tend to have more ideologically coherent and extreme views than working-class ones.

    Shor noted that it’s not just Cubans flocking to the Democrat party.

    One important thing to know about the decline in Hispanic support for Democrats is that it was pretty broad. This isn’t just about Cubans in South Florida. It happened in New York and California and Arizona and Texas. Really, we saw large drops all over the country. But it was notably larger in some places than others. In the precinct-level data, one of the things that jumps out is that places where a lot of voters have Venezuelan or Colombian ancestry saw much larger swings to the GOP than basically anywhere else in the country. The Colombian and Venezuelan shifts were huge.

    One of my favorite examples is Doral, which is a predominantly Venezuelan and Colombian neighborhood in South Florida. One precinct in that neighborhood went for Hillary Clinton by 40 points in 2016 and for Trump by ten points in 2020. One thing that makes Colombia and Venezuela different from much of Latin America is that socialism as a brand has a very specific, very high salience meaning in those countries. It’s associated with FARC paramilitaries in Colombia and the experience with President Maduro in Venezuela. So I think one natural inference is that the increased salience of socialism in 2020 — with the rise of AOC and the prominence of anti-socialist messaging from the GOP — had something to do with the shift among those groups.

    Shor believes that current trends spell doom for Democrat’s well past the 2022 midterms and there is only one solution to not lose power; create new states and redistrict.

    Due to the way that our electoral system works, we really could be locked out of power for a very long time, just like we were after 2010. So that means the need for messaging discipline is stronger than ever. But keeping the national conversation focused around popular economic issues probably won’t be enough. Since the maps in the House of Representatives are so biased against us, if we don’t pass a redistricting reform, our chance of keeping the House is very low. And then the Senate is even more biased against us than the House.

    If we don’t use this window, we will almost certainly lose control of the federal government and not be in a position to pass laws again potentially for a decade. In terms of putting numbers on things, I think that if we implemented D.C. and Puerto Rican statehood and passed redistricting reform, that would roughly triple our chance of holding the House in 2022 and roughly the same in the Senate.

    Democrat’s may try to pass redistricting legislation however, a record number of states legislators flipped Republican during the 2020 election. Those legislators are now passing stricter voting laws and limiting the powers of their governors.

    We are all standing with Donald Trump!!!


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