Tucker Carlson Accused of tallying ‘Googly Eyes’ to Make Photo of AOC Look Ridiculous, Then the Truth About the Picture Comes Out

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    A liberal authority got dragged on Twitter after falsely accusing Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s producers of adding “googly eyes” to a photo to make Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York look bug-eyed.On Wednesday night, Daily Beast contributing editor Justin Baragona clucked disapprovingly on Twitter, “So it appears that Tucker’s producers added ‘googly eyes’ to AOC in this image.”Scores of Twitter sleuths corrected him and pointed out that the 2018 photo of Ocasio-Cortez was authentic.

    A lesser amount of than three hours later, Baragona admitted his slip and deleted the cheep — a utter distinguish to the a lot of liberal media personalities who junk to acknowledge what time they thrust fake news or cancel their mistaken tweets, like this one from MSNBC’s Joy Reid:

    Baragona said he was “taking down this tweet as the image of AOC has been out there since at least May 2018 … I’ll take the L.”

    In a follow-up tweet, Baragona joked about his Twitter debacle, admitting he deserved the ribbing he got for making a false accusation about Carlson.“Word of advice — if you don’t want to be IT, make sure you don’t send out factually inaccurate tweets that can be easily verified and debunked,” he wrote.

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